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Locale-Sensitive Java Method


public static String format(String format,
    Object... args)

public static String format(Locale l,
    String format,
    Object... args)

Internationalization (I18n) Function Overview

The format method returns a formatted string using the specified locale (if provided), format string, and arguments.

I18n Issues

In an internationalized application, the order of the translated pieces of the string can be different for each locale. Make sure the locale has been properly set (see setlocale), and that the signature with the locale is the one used.

Globalyzer will detect this method and report it as an I18n issue regardless of the signature used and regardless of whether it is being used correctly. If Locale is already being passed as an argument, Globalyzer will detect it to force developers to double check that the correct Locale is being passed. If you have determined that the call is being handled correctly, you can use Globalyzer's Ignore Comment functionality to ensure that it isn't picked up in a subsequent scan.

Locale-Sensitive Java Methods


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